Single Visit STEAM Lessons

These lessons can be thought of as “MFL Fellowship-Light”.  If you’re new to the MFL or think that the fellowship may be too time consuming, this program is the best bet for you! You will still be invited to PD days and have the opportunity to ‘rent’ out equipment you have been trained on.  You can also do this program for multiple years!

These one day visits are an intensive all day experience for ONE class (20-30 students max).   You will need to treat this day like an on-site field trip!  Each lesson will be tailored for your students and will include an interdisciplinary lesson, design work and fabrication using the mobile fab lab!  Check out the lessons below!


Wind Gliders  Students will learn about basic flight and experiment with predesigned gliders before sketching and building their own. This lesson is designed for students in 3-8th grade.

Alejibres / Sphinx  Students will either learn about the ancient Sphinx or Mexican Alejibres before creating their own mythical animal sculpture, writing a story to go with it and decorating it in the style of an Alejibre. This lesson is designed for students in K-8th grade.

Custom Stickers Students will learn about Adinkra Symbols before designing their own personal symbol and writing a personal mantra.  This lesson is great for socio-emotional learning! This lesson is designed for students in 2-8th grade.


Tessellation Puzzles Students will learn about tessellating shapes before creating their own, coloring it on a piece of wood, and cutting it into a custom puzzle. This lesson can be adapted for students in K-8th grade.

Lanterns Students will learn about shadow art and silhouette designs before creating their own custom lantern design. This lesson is designed for students in 3-8th grade.



Mazes Students will learn about the history of mazes and puzzles and the complexity of maze design before creating their own marble maze out of cardboard.  This lesson is designed for students in 4-8th grade.