MFL STEAM Fellowship Program




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We are very excited for the 2018-2019 school year!   We will be continuing the MFL STEAM Fellowship and are searching  for ten elementary or middle school teachers to participate.

MFL STEAM Fellows will have the benefit of working with the Mobile Fab Lab in an ongoing manner, allowing students to gain a deeper interest and understanding of how the machines work and the content.

MFL Fellows will also have the option to ‘lease’ MFL desktop equipment to use in their own classrooms, including a 3D printer, mini electric Xacto knife and design laptop.

If you are a principal, please forward this information to your teachers who you think would be a good fit!

We are offering three branches of the MFL STEAM Teachers Program:

Engineering with Digital Fabrication

Build projects using the design process and the laser cutter or vinyl cutter. This program is for 3-8 teachers of any subject and will take place in the Fall and Spring.

Digital Design and 3D Printing

Students will learn the basics of 3D printing and design three projects! This program is for 3-8 teachers of any subject and will take place in the winter and spring.

Putting the A in STEAM 

Art students will create wonderful art projects using digital fabrication!  Art teachers will work closely with the MFL team to design projects for students of any age.




  • All applicants must be:
    • a CMSD teacher
    • able to coordinate two to five Mobile Fab Lab (MFL) visits in the 2018-2019 school year (this includes working with your principal and building team to find a place for the trailer to park and how to get kids in and out of the building)
    • willing to work with the MFL team
    • able to attend one PD session over the summer (there will be 3-4 days available in late July/ early August)
    • willing to attend machine training if they want to ‘lease’ equipment
  • Use of the MFL is free to all CMSD schools.  Some material costs apply for specific projects.
  • The MFL team will be reaching out to principals of the finalists for a recommendation.

Not ready to be a MFL STEAM Teacher? Or do you teach K -2?  

If you’re not ready for the commitment to be a MFL STEAM Teacher or teach younger students, check out our MFL one day activities. Exposure activities can be done with students of any age, k-12.  These activities are designed to expose students to the technology of the MFL and to create something for their classroom or something to take home.   These activities can be done in a short period of time, anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour and range in ability level and content connections.


Questions?  Please Email the MFL coordinator- Sarah Wallace at 

To apply for the MFL Fellowship please  complete the following online application form

(this will take 10-15 minutes)


All applications must be completed by June 5th at 11:59 pm