Engineering with Digital Fabrication: Birdhouses

This program is perfect for math or science grades 3-8.   Students will learn about the design process through iterative work on bird houses.  This is interdisciplinary and teachers are expected to do work on the project outside of the time the MFL is at their school. Students will make connections to math and science by learning about different birds that are indigenous to North East Ohio, and by finding the surface area and volume of their birdhouses (if grade appropriate).  All students will create a cardboard birdhouse that they can decorate and will work together in a small group of 2-3 students to design, build, and paint a wooden birdhouse that can be hung up in the school community.



Visit One:  Students are exposed to the MFL and laser cutter and create cardboard pre-designed bird houses.

Visit Two: students will create their own bird house design using cardboard construction and draw basic blueprints of their design.

Visit Three: students will digitize their designs and create a prototype.

Visit Four/Five: students will improve and iterate on their prototype before creating a wooden birdhouse for their community.