Projects by Design Level


These projects introduce students (and teachers) to the technology available in the Mobile Fab Lab and possible to the design process.  These projects are mostly a one hour or one day project.

Trees through the Seasons


This is a perfect activity for younger students K-2!  Students begin by talking about seasons and how they effect the leaves around us!   This art and science lesson allows students to color leaves for all season and create a Laser Cut tree to glue their leaves to!


Robot Keychains


Robot Keychains is a great little activity to get students excited about making and learning about cool technologies!   Students learn about Laser cutting and practice fine motor skills as they create a little robot keychain of their own!  The Robots can be customized for your school or event!

Laser Cut Holiday Decorations


This activity is great around the holidays but can be adapted to create other shapes as well!  Students create a 3d stand up shape from laser cut pieces and can decorate them using glue and glitter!





GIK (Great Invention Kit) is a great way to introduce kids to a laser cutter and get them making things!  These small cardboard pieces can be thought of as a different version of Legos. Students get to see a GIK Kit get laser cut then let their imaginations run wild as they create little mini inventions of their own and can take a GIK Kit home with them!


Create your own Mask


This activity can be done with students of any grade!  After learning about a different culture students can decorate their own mask!  This could also be done with the ‘design your own super hero’ activity!




Paper Circuits

papercircuit16 (1).jpg

Paper circuits are a great way to get kids thinking about science and how electricity works!  This workshops allows students to learn about circuits and make their own light up paper circuit with copper tape, and LED, a 3V battery and a binder clip!


These projects allow students to use the technology in the Mobile Fab Lab and do a small amount of design work. These projects are mostly one to two day projects.

Wind Turbine

54ca5eb75debf_-_ea-wind-turbine-05-0413-deStudents will experiment with different paper blades to determine which shape creates the most energy. This is a GREAT activity for any alternative energy or sustainability unit!  The Wind Turbine activity can be expanded to include laser cutting – students can digitally design and fabricate their own blades!


Press Fit Boxes- Tissues, Piggy Banks, Journals, Dreams

images (1).jpegThis is a design activity. Students will use MakerCase to create a pressfit box then will design its purpose- it could be a cover for a tissue box, a piggy bank, or a secret keeper for them to record their dreams or a journal!  Students can then decorate the box anyway they’d like!




Stackforms are a great introduction to many different digital fabrication programs! Students will use Tinkercad, 123DMake and Corel Draw to laser cut plans to create a 3D animal or shape and have to find the volume of an irregular shape! This activity gets kids thinking abstractly while applying spacial reasoning and math!


Laser Cut Magnets


Students can design there own image, or we can scan pictures to laser cut magnets! These are great for a classroom management tool!  Students can create any design they like, or as a separate project teachers can have them design a logo for the class!

Make your own Puzzle!


This can be done with students of any age PreK to seniors!  They can decorate a piece of wood any way they want using markers and then we will laser cut it into pieces.

3d Printing- Mini Keychain


This activity is an introduction into 3D modeling and printing. Students use, a great free website, to tinker and design their own keychain with their name on it!  We will bring a 3D printer to your classroom so students can see how they work and 3D print a keychain for every student in the class!

Full Design

These projects require the students to answer a design challenge question and/or evaluate and improve their designs.  These projects take four to ten days to complete (or can be done over the course of a grading period).


Hamster House Design

hampster This activity is great for any class that has a class pet!  Students work together to decide on parameters for their design and digitally design their own Hamster House to be 3D printed!  A great activity for grades 4-8!

Design a Bird House


This activity walks students through the process of a simple sketch, to a precision blue print drawing and allows them to design a bird house.  Students will digitize their blue prints to create a cardboard prototype and go through the iterative process before creating a word bird house that can be painted and hung outside the school!